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On the territory of the Republic of Latvia in October 2009 have been passed a law on slaughtering animals for religious traditions. We have established a –°ommittee of Standardization of Halal Products with the support of Food and Veterinary Service.

At the moment our organization has cooperated with Latvian companies, manufacturers. And also controls the operation of two meat processing and packing factories located in the territory of Latvia, European Union.

Our organization offers you:

1. To purchase a quality product certified of Halal standards. [ Examples of Certified Halal Products ]

2. Certify your product if it complies with Halal.

*About Halal

In the Muslim way of life usually means a Halal meat from animals that do not violate Islamic dietary restrictions.
Everything is allowed (Halal), except that explicitly prohibited (Haram). To the category of prohibited meat products include:

  • carrion;
  • blood;
  • pork;
  • animals killed not by the name of God;
  • animals killed by strangulation or other animals;
  • the deceased as a result of the high voltagea blow or fall;
  • carnivores (wolf, lion, tiger, etc.) and birds of prey (hawk, hawk, eagle, etc.);
  • the meat of dogs, donkeys and mules;
  • genitals, glands, gall bladder and the bladder of animals slaughtered according to Muslim tradition.

The above restrictions on basic raw materials (meat and fat), also apply to raw materials and auxiliary materials such as additives, fillers, spice, natural sausage casings and more.


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