Certified Halal Products  

Committee for Standardization in the LR Halal products and the company "HalaL Latvia Ltd. " provides an opportunity to purchase fresh meat in the form of carcasses, as well as trimming of the past, sorted by vacuum packaging.

Examples of Certified Halal Products:

Meat (beef) is sold as a carcass (bulls, cows), sorted by vacuum packaging. Stored at +2 °C — +6 ° C. Shelf life: 10 days.

Boneless meat in vacuum packs (muscles, trimming).
Stored at 0° C — +2° C. Shelf life: up to 21 days.

Meat dumplings are selling in cardboard boxes of 10 kg.
Each box of 20 packs. Each pack contains 500 grams.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information:

"Halal Latvia Ltd."
Tallinas street 69, LV-1009, Riga, Latvia, European Union.

Phone: +371 29582038, Email: info@alhalal.eu


"The management of the Islamic Cultural centre in Vesterose, Sweden, 10/10/2010 did inspection verification of one supervised by you meat processing enterprises in Latvia (SIA Viesuli), during which confirmed the high level of quality of producible products and accordance meshanisms of control and procedure of exdamination of products "Halal" on accordance..." by Islamic Cultural Centre of Sweden



"...We confirm hereby that the comoany HALAL LATVIA is a conformal for the way of slaughtering and keeps our own control guidelines. The way of the slaughtering and thus the products of the enterprise Halal Latvia are accepted of us..."
by Merkez Handels GmbH


...We plan to produce a wider product Halal assortiment...

A more accurate and detailed information can be obtained by contacting our representatives in the Contact Us section.
We are always open for cooperation.


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